I have always been fascinated by literature.

Most of my readings have focused on historical fiction, and fantasy. I am honest when I say that I don’t know if I’ve ever read any book called a ”classic”, but then again, it all depends on how you define a ”classic” work of literature. Because there are ”classics” that no one really likes – and there are just as many that are loved by thousands – therefore, a ”classic” is perhaps just definition of a really well known book (?), but then I still have to ask myself, why I never really felt intrigued by them before. Up until now.

For several months now,

I’ve been reading the posts over at 101books, and very often I end up reading by the comments. This time I found myself over at ”A room of one’s own”, a wonderful blog that has this romantic, almost chic, atmosphere flowing of the pages. In the end, it has inspired me to join in with her ”Classics club”, to read no less than 50 classics over the course of up to five years. So my first step in this new journey for me, was to establish this list of ”classics” which I would like to explore. My list includes many of the traditional ”classics” such as Dickens, Tolstoy etc. but also a few Swedish writers such as Strindberg, and von Heidenstam, mixed with some more modern classic works.

My personal goal…

…is to finish this list in four years time, that is by 30th of April 2016. Some of the books might be read in parallell with others, for example, the bible and the koran will most likely be two longer reads over the course of this journey.

The list I’ve put up is in no way a complete list, and it’s not meant to be read in any particular order. I’ve chosen, so far, 100 books from various sources, but I reserve the right to revise it as I go along.

Quick Facts:

  • Rereads: 3(100)
  • Most looking forward to: Tales of 100,1 Nights, by Anonymous, The Bible, and The Koran (Hard to pick just one..)
  • Most dreading: Jane Austen (Never read that kind of genre before)


Read as of: 2012-April-03 … 0/100

This is it:

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