The biggest problem with agreeing something in a group is that someone always have to compromise. And if that someone doesn’t know this useful ”skill” it always ends up worse for everybody else involved. I remember a conversation I had with my neighbour a while ago when we accidently fell on the subject of politics – oh, this sensitive area of discussion – politics is like walking on thin ice, luckily we ended up having quite a decent conversation of it all, she told me this:

How should I choose which party to give my vote..? What if I agree with 9 out of 10 things that a party promotes, but that last thing is something I really don’t like [...] – I can’t lay my vote on something that I don’t agree with to 100 %.

I told her that she would never find a party that agreed with everything she thought, and that everyone needs to compromise. You take the best of what you get – can’t eat the whole cake on your own, you gotta share.