Do you remember your first contact with a computer (?), that machine that you’re probably sitting at right this moment.

365.203 – Concave At Computer Lab

I don’t know if I could be considered part of the generation that grew up with computers – I wouldn’t say so. I believe my first contact with a computer was through Middle School. I remember that we were working on religions, and we were supposed to write an assignment of a freely chosen country – I chose India. At that time, the school I went to had this database of information; I suppose quite similar to Wikipedia in that day – or that is the similarity that first comes to mind. In that day there were no such things as copyright – I can see myself, 10 years old, naively printing article texts, cutting them out and gluing them onto colored paper and called it my own. I can’t remember my teacher ever saying anything about it.

After that, all the way through the rest of Middle School, the only thing I used the computer for were those community sites – like the Swedish Lunarstorm – and I remember how I started to have a go at HTML, I think I even was pretty good at it, on that level.

When I started High School we got or own laptops (!), it was a private school in the northern Sweden, it was also the year I moved to live away from my parents – which was an experience in itself. My first own computer, and I was 15 years old. I believe that was the time I’d consider starting calling me a ”regular user” of this machine that has completely changed how we interact and look upon the world. I started using word processors for assignments in school, and not only that – I also took the step into online gaming. Ever since, I’ve taken more and more of my daily chores at the computer, today the computer is my foremost tool for doing my job! How would I manage without one? …

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