It is the day before Dewey’s Read-a-Thon coming along tomorrow and going for 24 Hours straight! There were a sudden change of location for my participation, hence it turns out I got to go for England on work sooner than expected. So I’ll be doing this on GMT +1 instead of +2 (summer time). :)


And as unexpected things goes… I have a colleague and friend flying over today as well! So I am unsure of how much reading I can squeeze in tomorrow without making her sulk in the apartment her first day here in England. We’ll see how things goes. Since my internet access is a little sporadic, I am not planning on writing any updates during the 24 Hours as of now, but rather having one big Round-Up on Sunday or Monday depending on … well life.


My Read-A-Thon List:

Vinterstorm by Margit Sandemo (Legend of the Ice People #10)

Blodshämnd by Margit Sandemo (Legend of the Ice People #11)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover by H.C. Lawrence

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord