Whenever I meet any of my old classmates, they are all surprised to know my final choice of career. Me, as an electrical engineer? Who could have guessed…


When I grew up, I didn’t have any thought of working within the field of power technology. It was much thanks to my father that I tumbled into the path of studying to be an electrical engineer, and because of his encouragement that I came to end up working for one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of power technology devices.

Throughout my childhood, like many, I’ve had a lot of different dreams for my future. Among others, I’ve imagined myself as a baker, designer, hotel owner, physicist, psychiatrist, librarian… but not an engineer.

But one thing is for sure, work within the electricity business is something that ”runs in the family”. My father and uncle is are electricians. My aunt is an electrical engineer (in fact, she studied the same programme at the same university as I did – only 20 or so years ago).

When I finished High School in 2007 I applied to a bachelor in computer science in Manchester, as well as an application to a librarian programme in Sweden. It was not until July the same year, well passed the application due date, that my father convinced me to apply late to the electrical engineering programme at University West. ”That’s where your aunt went (and your uncle tried).”

As it happens, I cancelled my application to Manchester, and got enrolled at University West as a student of electrical engineering.

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